This blog offers quick peeks into mindfulness meditation and tips for daily practice.  Brought to you by Andrea O’Connor &  Hot Yoga Burlington, VT

Andrea is a yoga teacher, mindfulness guide, energy worker & graduate student at the University of Vermont and Dartmouth College.

3 Steps to More Peace

These are my take aways from a talk by Dan Grossman.  He spent a year as a resident at MAPLE and he shared what he learned at the Sunday Sit in Burlington on Oct 12.      Sit with simple truth    Move in the moment of now    Take a break from worry [...]

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3 Steps To Evolve Your Brain

Mindfulness can strike at any time and make the day better. Once I was walking up the street , discouraged about a writing project. Out of nowhere came the thought that I’m just a vulnerable human being doing my best. This brief meditation opened a pool of knowing that sent warmth through my body [...]

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#1 way to manage conflict. Lose!

Thoughtful Thursday October 4, 2018 #1 way to manage conflict. Lose. HOW CONFLICTS ARISE Often little or big conflicts arise in my day because I’m holding onto beliefs, opinions, or perceptions. These are Rumi’s ideas of wrong doing and right doing. In my small life sphere, my beliefs can lead to minor conflicts with [...]

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inner peace/world peace by Andrea

Mindful Moment by Andrea Does inner peace lead to world peace and compassion? Or does world peace and compassion lead to inner peace? Try this technique to find out Focus on your breath and the feeling of relaxation in your body. Bring to mind any image, thought or feeling to the body that brings you [...]

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Ordinary Jewels by Andrea

“If we take care of the moments, the years take care of themselves.” - Maria Edgeworth, 19th Century Anglo-Irish writer. One way to enhance the moment is to search out an ordinary jewel or positive fact. This creates a good feeling or emotion. Self-generated positive emotions increase meaning in life and enhance relaxation. Over time, [...]

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Refuge by Andrea O’Connor

Refuge is shelter or protection from danger or trouble. Why do we, in this privileged country, need to take refuge? Though most of our basic needs are met, we might be sad, tired, sick or injured. We might be anxious about the state of the country. Did anything happen today that made you feel the [...]

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Yoga, Union, Oneness

My eyes open and the daylight through the bedroom window is barely there. I twist to sit up. Bill is curled up knees bent toward the east and I’ve been sleeping knees up toward the west. Our feet almost touch. Nestled with her head to my knees and her hips to Bill’s knees is our dog [...]

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In a moment a wisp of incense smoke curled into the ray of April sunshine that slanted through the window. I sat in open-eyed meditation in the zendo (meditation hall) after six days and 60 plus hours of sitting practice of a nine-day silent retreat. How lovely. How far from ordinary. How unlike anything I’d [...]

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