This blog offers quick peeks into mindfulness meditation and tips for daily practice.  Brought to you by Andrea O’Connor &  Hot Yoga Burlington, VT

Andrea is a yoga teacher, mindfulness guide, energy worker & graduate student at the University of Vermont and Dartmouth College.

Mindful Moment: D or I Curiosity

Neuroscience now looks at two types or curiosity. D-curiosity is - I wonder if I have an email, who might text me, what’s on TV tonight, why does that person have a rash, where can I go on vacation? What are my friends putting on You tube? I-Curiousity is what is this meaning of life, [...]

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Mindful Moment: Training and Trainer

The tall and small. Bill walked Yogi our dog in the Intervale and came upon a 6 foot 12 inch man, running. Between his footsteps his dog, Peanut, scampered along in a blur of little legs. The dog was more the size of a squirrel and took 30 steps for every one man stride. And [...]

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Mindful Moment: Waiting & Happeningness

Just waiting for what comes up in mindfulness – in the see, hear and feel spaces is an enlightening way to spend a few minutes. It’s been said that its none of your business what comes up in mindfulness so we will find out how true that can be with this practice. [...]

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Mindful Moment: Adventure Abounds!

Adventure is something unusual, exciting and possibly hazardous. That covers a lot of what happens in any moment.Try this 4-minute practice to experience adventure as it arises   - now, Now Now, NOW, NOW!!!!

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Mindful Moment: I see that

Here we focus on hearing the words “I see that” in our minds, auditory space, somewhere between the ears. And the tone is one of compassion and understanding, kindness. Perhaps at the same time we picture an image of a friend talking to us with a problem, or we picture a waterfall in nature [...]

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Mindful Moment: White Doves are Flying All Around Me

Experience this 3 – minute mindfulness practice to see, hear, and feel doves, that connote images, words and feelings of peace or gratitude or beauty.

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Mindful Moments: A Thousand Peaces – the mantra

…actually the mantra is .. “Make me into a thousand pieces. Throw away what gets in the way of my loving all beings”. This is a mantra I used hour after hour, through the days, of many seven day silent meditation retreats over the pas ten years For now,  it’s a nice reminder for [...]

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