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Intro to Yoga

Intro to Yoga

Have you ever wanted to try yoga but felt too awkward to come to class? TA DA! Here it is, the 4 part No Intimidation Yoga Course!

Learn the basics of yoga in the comfort of your own home with Stephanie, who has been teaching beginners for over 15 years.

This program is for you if you’re completely new to yoga. In this 4 part online course, done at your own pace, you’ll cover the basic building blocks of yoga so that you can feel confident taking any Level 1 class at our studio or any other yoga studio. Do each class as many times as you like to become more familiar with the principles.

  • Week 1 – We start from the very beginning looking at the basics of alignment, how to use extra props and how to link the breath with movements.

  • Week 2 – Next we go through the basics of ‘flow’, using Sun Salutations (a series of yoga poses linked together) to build up strength in your core and upper body.

  • Week 3 – Then we’ll recap everything we’ve done so far and then look at the most common standing poses in depth. From the second class, we’ll bring together and practice the poses in a fun flowing moving sequence.

  • Week 4 – Finally, to get you ready to maybe come to a live class, we’ll look at seated poses and some more breathing techniques and how you can use them to energize or to relax. We’ll put everything together in a full class you can do as many times as you like.

  • Create your account, after opening you will see the menu bar at the top, select CONTENT LIBRARY, then select which video you want to see, play as many times at you like.  Access is unlimited.  You 5 class pass will then be applied to your account.

Welcome all yoga beginners!

You may have landed here because you’ve heard how wonderful yoga is for you. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions asked by yoga beginners, along with a few reasons why we think everyone should do it:

  • Doing yoga will help you to feel relaxed and re-energized.

  • With regular practice you’ll become stronger and more mobile and flexible.

  • Yoga makes you more aware of sensations in your body and thoughts in your mind.

  • It will help you feel connected with your body and mind and to the present moment.

  • In short, practicing yoga will make you feel great!

What is yoga?2023-04-10T09:51:58-04:00

In very simple terms, yoga is a system for bringing balance into your body and mind. It involves the physical practice of yoga postures called asanas, and breathing exercises called pranayama. Yoga can also include meditation.

I’m a yoga beginner – which style should I start with?2023-04-10T09:53:55-04:00

We teach a style of yoga called ‘flow yoga’ which is one of the main forms of yoga.  It’s a great place to learn the foundations and names of the poses. You’ll learn how to move and flow with the breath.

How do I know if I’m doing it right?2023-04-10T09:55:37-04:00

If you’re practicing yoga at home without a teacher, you might wonder if you’re doing the poses properly at first. It’s good to bear in mind from the beginning that our bodies and bone structures are all very different so there isn’t just one ‘right’ way to do a pose. Learn some of the basics to be prepared for your first ‘live’ class.

The main thing to know is that yoga is not meant to hurt – that goes for whether you’re at practicing yoga at home on your own or in a class with a teacher. You will probably experience different sensations than you’re used to, and you may feel your muscles working, but if you feel any type of “warning” pain, such as sharpness or pinching, listen to your body and come slowly out of the pose.

What are the benefits of yoga?2023-04-10T09:55:07-04:00

Practising yoga has loads of physical benefits: it creates a flexible, toned and strong body and improves breathing, energy and metabolism. Yoga improves circulatory and cardiac health, as well as fitness levels, pain and posture. It also has benefits for your mental health, making you happier, more balanced and emotionally calmer. It helps you relax so you can handle stress better. Yoga encourages self-confidence and helps you to focus your energy.

How often should I practice yoga?2023-04-10T09:56:11-04:00

Even if you practice once a week, you’ll feel the difference. If you can, try to practice two to three times a week but don’t let unrealistic expectations stop you from doing shorter practices.

What equipment do I need for my home practice?2023-04-10T09:56:44-04:00

If you’re practicing yoga at home you can get started right away without any special equipment or expensive yoga pants. Wear clothes you feel comfortable in that won’t restrict your range of motion. A yoga mat will provide some cushioning and help stop your hands from slipping in poses like Downward Facing Dog.

When is the best time to do yoga?2023-04-10T09:57:11-04:00

Basically, it comes down to whenever you can fit yoga in. The morning is a great time to practice; you might wake up stiff, so opening up your body with some energizing yoga sets you up for the day. In the evening, a more relaxing yoga practice can be a nice way to unwind after work.

Can I eat before yoga?2023-04-10T09:57:38-04:00

It’s better to have a more or less empty stomach during a yoga session, so leave at least two hours between a main meal and yoga.

I have a health condition. Can I still do yoga?2023-04-10T10:05:25-04:00

Many people practice yoga as a way to manage their health conditions. We recommend that you speak to us (or physical therapist with knowledge of yoga) to get advice about any poses or movements you need to avoid.

However, if you have a medical condition or injury and haven’t practiced yoga before, we recommend that you speak to a medical professional to get advice weather to do yoga.