The tall and small.

Bill walked Yogi our dog in the Intervale and came upon a 6 foot 12 inch man, running.

Between his footsteps his dog, Peanut, scampered along in a blur of little legs. The dog was more the size of a squirrel and took 30 steps for every one man stride. And had plenty of room between those big moving feet to maneuver the curves in the path.

“You guys are on a mission,” Bill called.

Without stopping the guy said, “Peanut and I are in training.”

“For what?” wondered Bill.

“Mount Mansfield”

Since then, I can easily close my eyes and see Peanut, tiny ears flapping, as he runs the ridge of Mt. Mansfield. And I can see 6 foot 12 scooping up Peanut to get him over the boulders on the way up.

Any reality is possible, and with mindfulness, we gain the curiosity, the courage, and the patience to train and run our ridges. Be tall and small in your mindfulness practice this week.