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Clean and Airy Space to Stay Safe in COVID 19 Pandemic. Learn more.
Clean and Airy Space to Stay Safe in COVID 19 Pandemic. Learn more.

Hot Yoga + More

  • Yoga + specialty fitness classes

  • 5 classes offered daily

  • Expansive studio spaces with enhanced ventilation

  • Sensible fair pricing with many options
  • Convenient central Burlington location
  • Plenty of free parking


Yoga + speciality classes at Hot Yoga Burlington VT. Offering in-person, outdoors, live streaming, and video library.


Single Pass ($15) or bundle, Unlimited Weekly ($3o), Unlimited Monthly ($119-$125), Live Stream/Online Library ($25)

As a beginner, this was a great class. My favorite part was the orange cold cloth and Pebble! Thank you so much!!


I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful Hot Yoga Class on Saturday. I have never taken a Yoga Class before and was a bit hesitant at first if I would enjoy it or even be able to keep up with the young girls, but your pleasant demeanor and instruction melted that fear away.

Margaret G

I was intimidated to try hot yoga but I am so glad I did!  I wrongly thought it would be pretentious and I would be uncomfortable with my lack of yoga experience.  I was surprised how it gave me a great workout and found it to be energizing as well as helping to de-stress.  I look forward to going to class instead of dreading the boring gym.


Hot Yoga Burlington will provide you with a body and mind experience, whether you are new to Yoga or not. The teachers are thoughtful and inspiring and you will leave your mat with a feeling of deep satisfaction.


5 stars. Went to my first hot yoga class this morning! It was awesome! Bill is very kind and welcoming! The pebble and cool, orange scented towel at the end were a nice bonus.


I love Hot Yoga Burlington primarily because of who Bill and Andrea are as people. They have created a warm (pun intended), loving, and accepting space where all abilities are welcome. In every class, regardless of instructor, practitioners are encouraged to make it their own. The space is clean, bright, and inviting!


I appreciate and enjoy every class at this yoga studio so much. It has enhanced my life. Each of the teachers has a wonderful unique style. They are all very welcoming, supportive and encouraging. They guide classes by giving multiple options for poses to accommodate everyone’s practice, for all skill levels. The emphasis is placed upon making it your own practice and not being perfect. I learn more every time I go and I leave class relaxed, peaceful and stronger.


My very first Hot Yoga class tonight. It was fabulous! Bill is kind, welcoming & knowledgeable. I really look forward to attending more.


We tried a class here while on vacation. It was my husband’s very first class. It was great and I highly recommend this studio. We really enjoyed the orange scented cold towels at the end and also the cool stones! I really believe it is all in the details and it is obvious that they know this too! A++++


Best sleep EVER. YOGA BLISS. I have tried multiple hot yoga classes; Hot Yoga Burlington is the place to be, especially if you are looking to be a part of a welcoming community with exceptional teachers. Naomi & Bill are knowledgeable & motivating. The class is judgement free, flow yoga that will work your core and put your mind at ease. I am not a yogi, but a lover of hot yoga!


First time here? Welcome!

Hot Yoga Burlington VT offers vinyasa yoga & specialty fitness classes that emphasize fun, freedom, and a dash of philosophy or mindfulness. 

A regular class practice will help you to move with ease and grace through daily lifeAnd the Far Infrared heat eases pain, frees movement, improves circulation and cardio strength, and has many proven health benefits.

There are classes for the complete novice or first-time yogi. We offer an Intro to Yoga 4-part online course for beginners who want to learn the basics in their own home at their own pace.  Our level 2 classes challenge the most experienced yogi. If you have an injury or are recovering, there are classes for you! If you are an athlete and wanna play hard and sweat, HYBVT brings it on!

We’re easy-to-find, convenient to downtown, with plenty of free parking.  Young and old love the Old North End neighborhood with funky, fun places like Barrio Bakery, Pho Hong, Taco Gordo, and Jake’s ONE Market.

Everybody is welcome at Hot Yoga Burlington VT; yogis of all genders, orientations, sizes, and shapes. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t feel like doing yoga today?2023-04-10T09:46:54-04:00

We’ve always said the hardest part is getting to the mat. Once you register for a class, put them in your schedule so you’re reminded in advance. Or if you’re an online member, you can pick anytime that you’d like to access the recordings.

Even if you don’t feel like going to an in-studio class, you can always register to join a streaming class from home. Roll out a mat when the time comes, lay down, and rest and breath for a few minutes. Whether in-studio or online, once the class starts, you will feel like moving and life gets brighter from there!

How should I prepare for an in-studio class?2023-04-10T09:47:01-04:00
  • Come well hydrated and with an empty stomach – limit eating to one hour prior to class and then only a light snack.
  • Wear light workout clothing (i.e. shorts, light T shirt, yoga leggings, workout tops).
  • Please do not wear any perfumes or heavy scents as many people have sensitivities.
  • Be comfortable in class, laughter is encouraged.
  • Many people will be modifying their practice depending on their level of experience. Avoid comparing your practice to another’s.
  • Tell your instructor about injuries, special needs or concerns.
  • Do what feels good without strain or pain. You can always skip postures that don’t feel right.
  • Take time for reflection after the class. Notice the calmness and the decreased stress you may feel even into the next day.
How do I register or sign up for a class?2023-04-10T09:47:10-04:00

Use our online PunchPass system.

  1. Create an account or log in if you’ve already created one.
  2. Purchase a pass, pass bundle or membership.
  3. Go to the calendar or schedule and click on the class you’d like to attend. Reserve your space.
  4. Arrive 10 to 15 minutes before class in order to check-in.

Sign up at the studio is also very easy.

What can I expect a typical class to be like?2023-04-10T09:47:19-04:00
  • Warm-up sequence
  • Rising energy and foundation poses
  • Crest of the practice
  • Peak pose that stems form previous foundation poses
  • Warm-down
  • Stretching and gentle movements
  • Five-minute resting pose called Savasana that starts with a small, cool pebble placed on your forehead.
  • As class finishes you receive a cool, moist, orange-scented towel for your refreshment.
How fit do I have to be? What if I have an injury or special need?2023-04-10T09:47:44-04:00

A typical class is not difficult but be prepared to stretch and move. You won’t be doing any poses that only a gymnast or circus performers could do. The unique Hot Yoga Burlington style features interesting patterns of poses that vary with every class.

It’s easy to catch on the the rhythm of the class.  It’s also easy to change, modify or even skip a portion of the class if you choose.

We also offer private lessons if you prefer to have one on one guidance.

What kind of yoga is it exactly?2023-04-10T09:47:49-04:00

We offer what is commonly called ‘vinyasa yoga’ which basically means a movement based yoga. These patterns of movement mimic the everyday tasks we do of reaching, walking, lifting and twisting. We are promoting functional mobility.

What’s so different about Hot Yoga Burlington?2023-04-10T09:47:54-04:00

Hot yoga quickly warms the muscles and connective tissue facilitating easier stretching and mobility. We are the only studio that uses Far Infrared (FIR) heating which warms up the body on a deeper level, releasing stress and easing movement. It’s really quite unique.

What do I need to bring with me to class?2023-04-10T09:48:00-04:00

Bring a large towel, yoga mat and bottle of water. The studio has mats, small towels and filtered water to use if you get caught without these.

Mostly bring your spirit of adventure to try something new.

How hot is it?2023-04-10T09:48:06-04:00

We average about 90 degrees similar to a warm summer day.