Hot Yoga during the summer?!!

Sure, why not?  Here are some reasons to consider maintaining your hot yoga practice during our warmer months Better heat acclimation– it’s true! When you are in a hot room practicing yoga it will actually feel cold outside; compare 93 degrees in the studio with 80 degrees outside.  The body becomes more efficient at cooling.  And [...]

Hot Yoga during the summer?!!2022-10-01T01:18:41-04:00

Is Hot Yoga real yoga?

“Hot Yoga isn’t real yoga” someone said to me in passing the other day. Humm…I thought. Here's a  question, what is real yoga?  Even the ancients don’t agree on what yoga is.  They speak of the yoga of Bhakti, of Jnana, of Raja, of Karma of Mantra or Yantra.  They even speak of Hatha.  [...]

Is Hot Yoga real yoga?2022-10-01T02:01:44-04:00