Sure, why not?  Here are some reasons to consider maintaining your hot yoga practice during our warmer months
Better heat acclimation– it’s true! When you are in a hot room practicing yoga it will actually feel cold outside; compare 93 degrees in the studio with 80 degrees outside.  The body becomes more efficient at cooling.  And you will cope better with the increased outside heat by being more in tune and knowing when to rest and when to push.

Maintain your edge– we all know that if we don’t use it we lose it.  Keeping your body in tune will keep your fitness edge sharp.  And when the body is fit, the mind and spirit have a nice environment to thrive.  This maintenance will also keep your good habits of exercise, hydration and concentration.

Better fitness– this is when you need it!  Now you have it and can use it with all your daily activities.  Instead of staying fit to be fit you now stay fit and use your fitness to have fun.  Better fitness adds to your overall energy level allowing you to thrive during your day’s activities.  And when you want to take it easy you can relax guilt free knowing you still have your edge.
Better fitness part 2– by being limber, flexible and capable you can actually reduce injuries from falls or mishaps.  And recovery time is greatly increased using the far Infrared therapeutic heat you already know so much about.

But best of all there is the quite confidence and inner knowledge of our latent powers of the body, the focus of the mind and the spark of the spirit that are ignited by a regular hot yoga practice.  Hold it, keep it, nourish it and it will complete you.