My eyes open and the daylight through the bedroom window is barely there. I twist to sit up.Yogitude Bill is curled up knees bent toward the east and I’ve been sleeping knees up toward the west. Our feet almost touch. Nestled with her head to my knees and her hips to Bill’s knees is our dog Yogi, the golden mix, upside down.


I smile. I know she’s only in that position when she feels happiest and safe. I rub her belly as she sleeps. In this moment, oneness happens. Bill, me, the light, the dog, the smile, the belly. It’s all one thing.


Like in yoga class when the breath, the pose, the light, the warmth, the stretch all come together and you have that moment. I hope you feel these times in your days this week. They can open for you in the most surprising situations. And they are elixir for your brain. That flash of oneness stimulates hormones and neuron activity that brings on compassion and peace. Even in the midst of a rushed or stressful day. Take that n’lightened moment.