YogAlign is a new and exciting approach to yoga designed to reawaken your ‘kid’ body. No kidding!  With years of experience working with thousands of clients as a posture educator, massage therapist and yoga teacher Michaelle came to realize 3 simple truths about ancient yoga poses.

1 Does the pose allow the spine to maintain its natural curves?

2 Does it enable deep, full rib-cage breathing?

3 Does the pose have a real-life correlation to functional movement positions?

YogAlign uses the movements of breathing to tone the core and retrain your brain to keep better posture automatically.  YogAlign can add longevity to your life by doing movements in yoga that stabilize the joints and prevent over-stretching.   And finally, YogAlign emphasizes maintaining good alignment in the movements of daily life and keeping the bones aligned in all activities. 

Come learn this new and intuitive approach to an ancient practice.  Renew your yoga practice while you reawaken your body and mind learning techniques that will support better posture as you age.  Learn a method of movement that will enhance YogAlign is comfortable  and safe for all ages and fitness levels.

Workshop: one day only Saturday October 20th 2018 from noon – 5 PM

Location: Hot Yoga Burlington VT studio from noon – 5PM

Cost: $135  includes follow-up YogAlign classes    RESERVE HERE 

More about YogAlign HERE

We are excited to bring back Michaelle to Vermont all the way from Hawaii for her 2nd YogAlign workshop.  Here are some highlights of last year’s workshop