DSCN0124 (768x1024)Hot Yoga, Apana and Sweat!  Apana is the emptying, downward and outward flow of Prana.  It is the release of the breath on the exhale, it is the relief of elimination of body waste, it is the release of tension through meditation and exercise and it is the joy of sex and birth. Apana is sometimes painful, sometimes pleasurable but almost always it feels good to let go.

Sweat is an expression of apana.  IT’S A RELEASE OF THE PHYSICAL CONTAINER OF THE BODY as fluids pass through the pores of the skin, our largest organ resulting in various physiological, mental and emotional BENEFITS.  Hot yoga aids in this therapeutic process.

What are some of the mental, physical and emotional benefits of sweat?  First on the physical level the process of sweating is good for the skin.  The pores open to RELEASE  trapped dirt and oil. SWEATS HELPS Soften and create a supple texture to the skin adding tone and flexibility.

Research has shown that sweating can help eliminate phthalates, Bisophenl A and heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury.

Sweating releases alcohol, cholesterol and salt from the blood stream.  Sweating is detoxifying but to be clear it only releases a small amount of toxins perhaps as little as 1 to 5% OF TOTAL BODY TOXINS.  Fat becomes water soluble with the heat (YES, TIS TRUE) , but it’s not certain the fat THEN CAN pass through the sweat glands. But what is clear is the increased circulation of blood and sweat is beneficial to cleaning the liver and circulatory system.

Sweating also releases an anti-microbial peptide called dermcidin which helps the immune system fights germs and sickness. Besides the physical benefits of a general feeling of wellness, the mental and emotional benefits of the increased circulation result from sweating.  This releases endorphin, a natural painkiller as well as that intensely pleasurable feeling of satisfaction of accomplishment and well being that can be called Apana