A Summary of physical, mental, medical and therapeutic benefits of a regular practice

note: I have been collecting benefit articles and facts for years.  Most of these are triple sourced.

Increased general well-being and a feeling of pleasurable fitness 

     Improves posture, coordination & steadiness 
     Normalizes weight and body composition 
     Improves dexterity, reaction time and depth perception 
     Better sleep 
     Higher energy levels 
     Overall tone 
     Strength, flexibility and range of motion 
     Increased grip strength 
     Reduced stress and anxiety
     Minimizes injury 
     Increased sex drive 
     Improves balance
     Increased endurance 
     Increased joint stability
     Increased range of motion 

     Improves proprioception 

     Decreased pain and stiffness in neck and back 
     Improves spinal health counteracting the deterioration of the disks 
     Increased circulation 
     Improves overall health 
     Increased immunity 
     Lower heart rate, increases cardiovascular efficiency 
     Decreases respiratory rate and improves efficiency 
     Lower blood pressure 
     Balances blood sugar 
     Lower cholesterol 
     Decreases sodium 
     Increased levels of telomerase 
     Improves digestion and gastrointestinal function 
     Improves excretory functions and reduces constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome  
     Improves flow of lymphatic system, removal of toxins 
     Normalizes endocrine function 
     Increases bone density decreasing osteoporosis 
     Raises levels of antioxidants 
     Lowers oxidative stress 
     Counteract the forces of aging 
     Mental regeneration and clarity 
     Better emotional health 
     General air of positivity 
     Decreased depression 
     Improves concentration and attention, memory and learning efficiency 
     Heightened awareness and mindfulness 
     Decreases aggression and hostility 
     Improves social skills 
     Cancer, Aids, 
     ADD, Diabetes, Asthma, 
     Rheumatoid Arthritis