Hot Yoga during the summer?!!

Sure, why not?  Here are some reasons to consider maintaining your hot yoga practice during our warmer months Better heat acclimation– it’s true! When you are in a hot room practicing yoga it will actually feel cold outside; compare 93 degrees in the studio with 80 degrees outside.  The body becomes more efficient at cooling.  And [...]

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Yoga, Union, Oneness

My eyes open and the daylight through the bedroom window is barely there. I twist to sit up. Bill is curled up knees bent toward the east and I’ve been sleeping knees up toward the west. Our feet almost touch. Nestled with her head to my knees and her hips to Bill’s knees is our dog [...]

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In a moment a wisp of incense smoke curled into the ray of April sunshine that slanted through the window. I sat in open-eyed meditation in the zendo (meditation hall) after six days and 60 plus hours of sitting practice of a nine-day silent retreat. How lovely. How far from ordinary. How unlike anything I’d [...]


Summary of Yoga Benefits

A Summary of physical, mental, medical and therapeutic benefits of a regular practice note: I have been collecting benefit articles and facts for years.  Most of these are triple sourced. Increased general well-being and a feeling of pleasurable fitness       Improves posture, coordination & steadiness       Normalizes weight and [...]

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