COVID-19 Guidelines

In addition to the protocols, we have placed H13 medical grade true HEPA filter systems in each studio and increased fresh air circulation with an HVAC Economizer. As well the FAR-Infrared is a proven sterilizer.

  • We are asking that anyone who is experiencing symptoms or feeling ill to reschedule their appointments.

  • Masks are NOT required.
  • Please pre-register in advance.

  • Please maintain safe distancing during check-in and while in the studio.

  • Please hang mats to dry.

  • We are disinfecting the floors and all surfaces daily to maintain a clean and safe studio.

  • The hand sanitizers are at the check-in desk.

  • Please leave all personal items in the provided bins outside the practice room.

  • All meals must be eaten outside of the studio though you are free to bring water in with you.

  • Please dispose of any cups or tissues in provided trash receptacles.

Proof of vax NOT required.

Masks optional.

Disinfecting space daily.

Respect social distancing.