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What You Will Learn

200 Hour Training by Yoga Academy of VT

Yoga Teacher Training YogAcademy

Yoga Anatomy

This is the most challenging and fascinating MOD! Learn anatomy to embody the practice. Hot Yoga’s qualified teacher trainers present the information about yoga beauty and form in the body.

  • Basic Anatomy

  • Physiology of the nervous system and yoga benefits to this intricate network.

  • The cardiovascular, digestive and endocrine system as connected to yoga

  • The respiratory system – mystery and wonder to power your life, inhale and exhale and MOVE!

  • Injury prevention and safe practices – contraindications, misalignments, and adaptations.

Yoga History

A long story with heart – the 5,000 year history of yoga and how it has changed, influenced and been affected by eras and cultures.

  • The Yoga Sutras – what is yoga?

  • 8 Limbs of Yoga  – a guide to your journey

  • Yamas & Niyamas – the ethics and code of yoga.

  • What is yoga today and how we got here?

Yoga Techniques, Training & Practice

The “How To” – Techniques, training, and practice. Begin with the first breath and move into the poses. Learn the basics of modern postural yoga with respect for  the practice traditions.

  • Pranayama, breath art and science.

  • Key poses.

  • Class sequence and themes.

  • Cue the students –  verbal, visual, physical.

  • Anatomical alignment based on modern science.

Business of Yoga

Like with any other profession, you learn the skills in the classroom and prepare for “on the job”. The Hot yoga teacher trainers have done both, for decades. Bill was a marketing and sales manager for 30 years and has studied and taught yoga for 20 years. You won’t find this combination of expertise ANYWHERE ELSE, IN ANY OTHER TRAINING.

  • Credentialing & Insurance .

  • Management & Marketing.

  • What to expect as a yoga professional.

  • Hardware and software tips.

  • Business structure – Studio, Online or Freelance?


Yoga Academy of Vermont 200 Hour Teacher Training – Full Program/Investment $2,960

Cancellation policy: More than 90 days before start refunded full deposit -$75 processing fee. 90 – 60 days before start date %50 of deposit. 60 – 30 days before start day %25 of deposit.

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