Ordinary Jewels by Andrea

“If we take care of the moments, the years take care of themselves.” - Maria Edgeworth, 19th Century Anglo-Irish writer. One way to enhance the moment is to search out an ordinary jewel or positive fact. This creates a good feeling or emotion. Self-generated positive emotions increase meaning in life and enhance relaxation. Over time, [...]

Ordinary Jewels by Andrea2022-10-01T01:18:00-04:00

Refuge by Andrea O’Connor

Refuge is shelter or protection from danger or trouble. Why do we, in this privileged country, need to take refuge? Though most of our basic needs are met, we might be sad, tired, sick or injured. We might be anxious about the state of the country. Did anything happen today that made you feel the [...]

Refuge by Andrea O’Connor2022-10-01T01:18:13-04:00