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Bill O'Connor
Bill O'ConnorOwner/Teacher
From my first vinyasa class fourteen years ago, I knew yoga was for me for the rest of my life. Did I practice and teach yoga in another life? I especially enjoy introducing yoga to those who think they are too stiff, or sore, or injured or old. Not true! Come try a class with me! I am grateful to share my enthusiasm and expertise in each class that I am fortunate to teach. I especially love the moment when class finishes and everyone experiences the deep peace, satisfaction and enjoyment of the yoga experience. What can I offer and share? Only the best of what has been given to me.
ERYT-500 Prana Flow
RYT-200 Hatha Anusara Style
Barkan Hot Yoga Certified
Other trainings include Asthanga, Iyengar, and Partner Yoga
Over 4,000 teaching hours registered with Yoga Alliance
Andrea O'Connor
Andrea O'Connor Teacher
After 15 years of experience Andrea believes every yoga class helps you achieve better posture and physical alignment. Practice also fosters a positive focus and attitude. You can change your body and mind in an hour! You’ll be more comfortable and full of energy and lightness. This gets to be a habit that you can practice anywhere, in class or in the grocery line.
E- RYT 200
Certified Anusara-Inspired Instructor
Certified Gyrotonic Movement Trainer.
Trained Postural Restoration method of Physical Therapy
Dance enthusiast

Jessica Nason
Jessica Nason Teacher
Born in the year of the metal horse, Jess’s personality does not fall short of expectations–fiery, friendly, bold and full of life. She will challenge you to push yourself physically when you can, embrace the emotions that come with asana, and shake your booty in downdog. Challenge her with questions about your own body as she loves the unique differences each body presents. She hopes to expand her knowledge of the body as she is in her 2nd year of the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at UVM. Her educational goals are to improve her capacity to understand others and their abilities while cultivating self-love. Take away a giftl from her class–maybe it is the undercurrent of self love or the new song you’ll sing to yourself in the car on the way home. Come feel the warmth and take away some sunshine with you!
Steph Muzzy
Steph MuzzyTeacher
My classes consist of a strong, steady flow with an emphasis on connecting to, and moving with your breath. My goal is to create a space where you can slow down, connect with your body, creating a sense of wellbeing and inner peace that you can take with you when you leave class.
Outside of the studio I am the mom of three girls and three rescue dogs, so you’ll often find me watching kid’s sporting events or walking in the woods.
Kelly McAuliffe
Kelly McAuliffeTeacher
“I am always amazed at the strength and capabilities of these awesome bodies we are blessed to walk in every day. One of my favorite quotes is: “I’m in competition with only myself; I simply want to be a better me today than I was yesterday”. Yoga certainly supports this journey bringing balance and strength; both on and off your mat, to body and mind through a practice connecting breath and movement. I hope you’ll join me as we move through creative, challenging and energetic asanas; building strength and balance together. Namaste”
Kelly is an RYT-200 certified Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance
Naomi Deyoe
Naomi DeyoeTeacher
Naomi has been using yoga, meditation, tarot, crystals and oils as tools for healing since she was a young child. She provides a safe practice space where participants are invited to examine themselves from new and different perspectives and to explore the freedom to shift in authentic ways. She is a self-healing helper in the Usui Reiki and Wise Woman Traditions and a guide on the path of Classically-Informed Contemporary Yoga. When not teaching, Naomi enjoys wandering the organic dairy farm and the surrounding hedges and woods where she lives off-grid in a yurt with her little family and their rescue dog, Ziggy.  Follow their adventures on IG! @theominnaomi

500 -hour Certified Yoga Teacher
Certified Restorative Yoga Teacher
Certified Therapeutic Yoga Teacher
Level Two Attuned Reiki Practitioner
Currently enrolled in:
Hathavidya 300 hr Classsical Yoga Teacher Training
Gaia School of Healing Plant Spirit Medicine Apprenticeship
Mudita Spirit School Shamanic Reiki Training

Kim Jordan
Kim JordanTeacher and Karma Yogi
Kim Jordan specializes in therapeutic, trauma-sensitive yoga for all skill-levels, bodies, and abilities. She believes in yoga as a practice of self-inquiry and self-care, and has an open, compassionate approach to teaching. Her classes connect the wisdom of the body, mind, breath, and spirit to healing, a healthy sense of humor, and experience of living in the world. Kim loves campfires, snuzzling her cats, traveling, writing, creating and performing original theatre, dismantling systemic oppression, and dancing with her wife in the kitchen of their new home. Certified Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Yoga teacher RYT-200
Abigail Stowell
Abigail StowellYoga Teacher
I believe the relationship we have with ourselves is the most important relationship we will ever have. My yoga classes are designed for you to meet yourself on the mat, from the surface of your skin to the depths of your being. When we are able to sustain evenness of mind while confronting inner limitations and outer challenges, our full physical and mental potential begins to develop and we are able to observe the benefits in our everyday experience. My yoga approach plays with deep holding, exploring the purpose of poses, while blending flow and fluidity so you eventually tune in to your natural rhythm of being. My classes end with deep meditation in a body ready to let go into now.
Training Details:
200-Hour YTT (yoga Teacher Training)
500/300-Hour YTT Modules: Vinyasa and Meditation at Kriplu
I am pursuing the remainder of my 500/300 hour yoga instructor certification at Kriplu Center for Yoga and Health.

Margaux Miller
Margaux MillerYoga Teacher
Margaux began her journey with yoga when she was 17 years old. She was drawn to the practice because of the physical mindfulness and connectivity the movements on the mat inspired in her body. Having always been a physical person, the practice challenged Margaux to explore her own limits and develop a more meaningful, healthy relationship with her body. Yoga has continued to give to Margaux as time has passed; time on the mat refreshes and grounds her. Her practice also balances her spiritually. In the summer of 2015, Margaux was certified as a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher from Forever Om Yoga of Lake Forest, Illinois. Through teaching, she hopes to invoke in her students growth in their physical, mental and emotional understanding, strength and acceptance. Margaux’s teaching balances a rigorous practice of vinyasa flow with an intentional meditative aspect. Her classes are challenging and rewarding. compassionate approach to teaching.
Erika Nestor
Erika NestorTeacher
“I began by teaching classes for hockey players at the University of Vermont, Rice High School and youth hockey. I have taught classes for school students as well as classes for the “unflexible” and I have created classes for runners and athletes. My style moves slower to allow the body to warm up stretching tight muscles safely. I take time to adequately stretch the hips, hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes- areas that tend to be tight on athletes (and myself!). I also work with low back injuries and focus on strengthening the core to help support the back and the rest of the body. I believe deeply in the healing value of yoga. My ideal is for you to leave the class feeling like a sponge that was just wrung out- relaxed, content and happy!”
Madi Dell
Madi DellTeacher
After practicing yoga for several years, Madi decided to take the next step and became a yoga instructor (RYT-200) training through Open Doors Yoga Studios in 2011. Since then, she has taught classes ranging from one person to over one hundred. She has experience teaching all levels, from first-time yogis to seasoned practitioners, and offers plenty of modifications so that her class is accessible to any and every one. A large emphasis is placed on the breath (pranayama) and moving with the breath (vinyasa). Her class is a slow-paced vinyasa flow that will be physically challenging but mentally relaxing. By the end of class, students should feel like they worked hard, but should also feel more peaceful and calm, with a deeper self-awareness and a fresh perspective on life.
Registered and Certified E-RYT200
Rowan Beck
Rowan BeckYoga Teacher
Bio soon to come
Laura Selin
Laura Selin
Laura has a serene, centered presence that extends to her teaching style. It’s great for yogis of all levels. She is skilled at queuing for breath, alignment, as well as designing interesting asana sequences. The classes have a soothing quality bringing students an overall sense of wellbeing. She has a soft voice and plays lovely music, making time for silent spaces and stillness as well as postures that build strength, stability and flexibility.
Laura often teaches early in the morning, and she always brings a bright and beautiful energy – her classes are a wonderful way to start the day.

Registered Yoga Teacher 200 Hour (RYT-200),Yoga Alliance, 2013
SilverSneakers YogaStretch Certification, April 2013
YogaFit Kids! Certification, June 2013
500+ hours of teaching in the last 3 years

Joy Danila
Joy DanilaKarma Yogi
Joy is an artist who combines the visual arts with the healing arts. She now owns a thriving body art and face painting business and hand-creates yoga products at her studio
Graduated from the Finger Lakes School of Massage
State licensed and nationally certified in Massage Therapy in 1998.
Attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and Hartford Art School
Experienced in development, event planning, grant writing, securing sponsorships and private donor support for various nonprofits.
Now enrolled at UVM to become a licensed art teacher
Katie Arms
Katie ArmsKarma Yogi and Newest Teacher
My favorite color is orange—most days. I explore the mountains and the waters—my cup isn’t half empty or full, it’s overflowing. I love being outside! In my opinion, a golden/lab mix is the best type of dog. I swim, I dance, this body is not afraid to move