Recent Reviews

We have been attending Bill’s Hot Yoga classes for about four years now and every time we drive away with our hot, sweaty, somewhat achy, older bodies and calm, happy minds, we say, “That was such a great class! I can’t believe how much better I feel!” Bill welcomes us, teaches us, and then sends us gently on our way, inspired and energized.   -Suzy and Brian

I was intimidated to try hot yoga but I am so glad I did!  I wrongly thought it would be pretentious and I would be uncomfortable with my lack of yoga experience.  I was surprised how it gave me a great workout and found it to be energizing as well as helping to de-stress.  I look forward to going to class instead of dreading the boring gym.

I appreciate and enjoy every class at this yoga studio so much. It has enhanced my life.  Each of the teachers has a wonderful unique style.  They are all very welcoming, supportive and encouraging.  They guide classes by giving multiple options for poses to accommodate everyone’s practice, for all skill levels.  The emphasis is placed upon making it your own practice and not being perfect. I learn more every time I go and I leave class relaxed, peaceful and stronger.  – Cindy

I happened across Bill’s studio almost two years ago, and have been going there ever since. It is a hidden gem in the ONE! The classes are artful and creative, and the heat gets me (a southerner) through Vermont winters! I highly recommend this studio to both beginner and advanced yogis   -Philippa

One of the things I really like about your classes (and I was thinking this today with Andrea) is the constant direction and reminders about where your weight should be, which muscles you should be using, whether you should be pushing through your heel or raise your knee etc. It is incredibly useful direction. Other instructors often don’t do that, and you end up not knowing if you’re doing it right!  – Tess

Hot yoga is a great workout-physically and mentally. Teachers at this studio vary in different styles. Naomi’s style of yoga is very uplifting, meditative, and challenging. You will be sweating from head to toe when you take a class from her! The new space is inviting and spacious. Just be sure to come early, because classes are always filled to the max!  Peace and Love,   -Sharon

I was so happy that you taught last night and I loved the class.  One of my favorite parts was the pose where we were opening our hearts to the ground and bleeding out the bad stuff. . That’s powerful.  Your class is so packed with visualizations, information, wisdom and little tips!   -Lynn

My family loved the movement, and one of them had a very special spiritual experience and came out with lots of beautiful emotions and a peaceful heart. I want to take the moment to thank you and Andrea for that. What a fantastic thing you have going. You guys are just great.   -Gisela

…for a lovely class today, Bill.  I’ve been feeling a little heavy and lethargic this week with the cloudy, wet weather.  The practice this morn was energizing and uplifting.  I feel refreshed and inspired.  Hope to see a little more of you over my winter recess as my schedule permits.    –Sarab K

I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for tonight’s class on the Mandala and the 4 directions.   It fit beautifully with my current internal practice and it felt wonderful to put it into an active practice.  That was the most creative and beautiful yoga class I have ever experienced.  Your approach to the practice really resonates with me.  In a world full of complaints, I strive to point out when something wonderful has taken place.

I was deeply moved and continue to still fill the benefits of tonight’s class.  It was just what I needed.  (and my hip is free of pain after many months! thank you!)   -Kelly P