Challenge As Adventure

NEW! A four-minute mindfulness voice memo exploring the adventure of challenge. Recent challenge  –  I (Andrea) balanced on a ladder, handing things up to Bill, as he was  dressed in a hazmat suit, googles, mask, gloves, hood and up in the dirty, dusty beams and rafters with piles of fiberglass to insulate our new studio [...]

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History of Yoga Poses

The History of Hatha Yoga Poses Many of the most common yoga poses have only been around for the last 20 years!  Considering the ancient history of yoga this may surprise you. In this 2 hour workshop learn the origins of Hatha Yoga using the yoga poses as they were invented and developed to [...]

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it's our ANNIVERSARY! and we are having a PARTY, all weekend long! Join us the last weekend of March on; Fri, Sat, Sun and Monday March 29, 30, 31 and April 1st We will be serving treats and tea and be offering some special classes as well as our regular offerings. Each class will [...]

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From Andrea O'Connor Here is a brief recording of the meditation from last week's Transform and Transcend class December 29th at Hot Yoga Burlington. We hope you enjoy it. Our next Transform and Transcend Restorative Yoga and Meditation is January 26th.  Please RESERVE HERE

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You and your Chakras

Discover and gain a deeper understanding of yourself; your strengths, your weaknesses, and where your energy resides. This workshop contains information on the Chakras. Explore how each affects our body, mind, and spirit. We will also look at how we can maintain alignment and balance through yoga, meditation, and aroma therapy. Come and join [...]

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3 Steps to More Peace

These are my take aways from a talk by Dan Grossman.  He spent a year as a resident at MAPLE and he shared what he learned at the Sunday Sit in Burlington on Oct 12.      Sit with simple truth    Move in the moment of now    Take a break from worry [...]

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3 Steps To Evolve Your Brain

Mindfulness can strike at any time and make the day better. Once I was walking up the street , discouraged about a writing project. Out of nowhere came the thought that I’m just a vulnerable human being doing my best. This brief meditation opened a pool of knowing that sent warmth through my body [...]

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