heated yoga
heated yoga classes

Hot Yoga Burlington is the exclusive Far Infrared (FIR) therapeutic heated yoga studio in Vermont. We offer flow, vinyasa style classes with music led by highly trained instructors.

Our daily yoga schedule is designed so that classes range from beginner, to intermediate and advanced levels. It’s easy to get to the convenient location in the Old North End, Burlington, Vermont with plenty of free parking.

No matter what our age, we should be able to bend over, rise up, lift and set down objects; sit and get up, reach out and spread our arms and legs; lie down, get off the floor, step up and down stairs, walk, run and hop or jump.   In our yoga classes, you will always find these basic movements included in poses that flow together in a creative way. The resulting body agility and mind focus are what feel so good!

1st Time 2/$15

We help you to refine, restore and enhance your natural abilities.  Hot Yoga Burlington Vermont teachers all have yoga certification and most have other health care or well-being qualifications. There is no need to put your foot behind your head or tie yourself up into a pretzel in yoga class.  We don’t teach that.

The more stiff and inflexible you think you might be, the more you will benefit from yoga class. You will feel the benefits of yoga classes and the Far Infrared heat of your Hot Yoga Burlington class immediately.