Revo Chair Black Light Yoga

Level 1

– Enjoy every move in a slower vinyasa class where you systematically stretch your whole body system. Includes strength poses for major muscle groups. Eclectic, relaxing music. Great for beginners or any level student who has been sitting, driving, distance running (or any intense cardio) or feeling tension. An all over release. Float home.

All Levels

– A more continuous flow with  offerings of variations of the pose to either ramp up and intensify or ease of and modify.  Great for inspired beginners or those who want a bit more than Level One but not the intensity of Level 2.

Level 2

– Get into the vinyasa groove and move to the beat. This faster paced vinyasa includes major strength and cardio work. Includes your favorite advanced flexibility poses. Work up to a forearm stand or other arm balance for fun. Leave a ton of sweat and all your worries behind as you take this challenging yoga dive.

Carve Yoga

– Skip the boring gym workout and get cardio and strength training while doing your favorite yoga poses with weights. Sweat tons to the house genre music beat. It’s like a three mile run, weight workout and yoga class in one. You’ll see the body/mind benefits build week after week and feel the endorphin high in each practice.

Carve & Calm

– Take everything you like about Carve; high energy cardio, rhythmic weight resistance training. vinyasa yoga and then add a progressive warm up and end with a long period of cool down followed by extended Savasana rest…ah, Perfect!

De-Stress/Restorative yoga 

– Sit or lie down, relax and get the benefits of deep stretches with assistance from bolsters, blocks, and straps. Perfect to end a busy weekend and start a week fresh.

Black Light Yoga 

– It’s a rave, it’s dance, it’s yoga, it’s entertainment with black lights that glow in the dark. Wear light clothing and glow accessories provided. Tune into the encompassing music, lose yourself in the colors, movement and scene. Flow! Perfect alignment not necessary!

Hot Pilates

– Hot Pilates is core and yoga style postures all rolled into one for a challenging workout! It fires up your core while focusing on the principles of Pilates: Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath and Flow.


– HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time.


– A low-impact workout at a ballet-style barre that focuses on proper alignment. The classes blend cardio, strength training, flexibility, balance and core conditioning in a total body workout that targets the hips, glutes, abs, and arms. Some classes also use small balls, resistance bands, and hand weights to do floor work. Engaging in regular barre workouts can help you build strength, increase your flexibility, improve your posture, and more.

New classes added regularly! Check out our additional Hot Classes in two studios, Video Library Online & Live Stream!

yoga classes

Private lessons

Why take a private lesson with Hot Yoga Burlington?

  • Skilled yoga teachers know the poses to avoid or modify with your injury or condition
  • The Far Infrared (FIR) heat heals and nourishes your body and we are the only FIR studio in Burlington, Vermont
  • Feel confident as a beginner in yoga class after a private lesson
  • Assess your strengths and abilities

A specialized individual class or a small group with your partner or friends can help you explore your abilities and learn modifications so you can enjoy yoga to the fullest.

Hot Yoga Burlington can make a difference for you, your body and your well-being

yoga classes

Event & Theme parties

“Try something different”  – A yoga party at Hot Yoga Burlington, VT.  We have a beautiful space and can help you with all the details.  Your event can feature a yoga class with refreshments, meeting or party to follow.  We can accommodate your schedule.

Try Hot Yoga for your next:

  • Birthday, Anniversary or Wedding party
  • Bachelorette party
  • Teambuilding or business meeting
  • Small group or family social
  • Neighborhood gathering
  • Yoga, Wine & Cheese- yes please!
yoga classes


  • Specialized sessions that focus on the low back, shoulders or hips
  • Teachings on yoga philosophy and myth
  • Prep series for sports such as skiing, riding and running
yoga classes

Teacher Mentorship

If you are working on teacher certification, you can gain valuable experience at Hot Yoga Burlington.

  • Overcome inhibitions and barriers with practice teaching. 
  • Observe experienced teachers and analyze technique.
  • Assist in classes.
  • Learn class planning and theme development.