What is Yoga Nidra?

Your Brain on Yoga Nidra Learn what’s going on with your brain waves when you sink into a yoga nidra practice and why it leaves you feeling so refreshed. KAREN BRODY NOV 1, 2017 Each time you practice yoga nidra meditation, you’re stilling the waves of the mind through conscious entry into the sleep state. How? Yoga [...]

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Anatomy Trains for Movement Professionals

Anatomy Trains for Movement Professionals February 10-11, 2018; 9:00 am - 5:00 pm w/ 1 hour break at noon Whatever your movement modality - Pilates, yoga, personal training, rehabilitative exercise, or dance therapy - Anatomy Trains offers skills that movement therapists can use to work with their clients more clearly and work more effectively. Traditional [...]

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Yoga Nidra! 

Saturday January 13th Saturday  and/or  February 3rd                                  Deep Restorative Yoga Nidra presented by Malaika 3:00 – 5:000 PM  $25 or 2 class passes RESERVE HERE   for January 13th RESERVE HERE   for February 3rd Yoga Nidra or “psychic sleep” allows your [...]

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Chakras and Essential Oils

Saturday October 28th 2017 A yoga class and essential oil workshop presented by Bill and Tiffany 3:00 – 5:000 PM  $25 or 2 class passes RSVP HERE Chakras interconnect our physical and spiritual selves. Each of the seven chakras is tied directly to a specific region and nerve center of the body. Essential oils and yoga are two [...]

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Reiki and Restorative Yoga with Naomi

January 27th  and/or February 24th 3-5 PM Reiki & Restorative Yoga $25 or 2 class passes REGISTER HERE for January 27th REGISTER HERE for February 24th Naomi takes us on a journey to inner space to find calm and peace.  She will lead grounding, nourishing flow of poses and accompanies them with Reiki and singing [...]

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Yoga as a Living Practice w/ Naomi

Want to bring more “yoga” energy into your life?   Come to "Yoga as a Living Practice' to learn the fundamentals of self-study, yoga philosophy and how they can add to your daily well being, satisfaction and service.  Expand your Hot Yoga BVT practice into everyday life. September 23, Saturday 3-5 p.m. $35 workshop pass [...]

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Berries and more Summer Yoga

August is all about remaining present with what is. Summer is not over, but everyone starts thinking as if it is. Take in the sweetness of a juicy yoga flow with Naomi. Enjoy a refreshing tea made with berry syrup, the sweet taste of summer fruit that lingers. August 19- Saturday, 3-5 p.m. Hot [...]

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Summer St. John Wort and Solar Vinyasa Flow

Naomi will guide you through solar-based flow poses to capture the transformative fire of the season and use it to your best advantage. July 22- Saturday, 3-5 pm Hot Yoga Burlington, Naomi Deyoe, teacher $35 workshop pass Try the different variations of sun salutations and a several pranayamas for a full practice. Then before savasana [...]

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Flowers Essence, Chakras, and Yoga

It’s red clover for the sacral chakra, dandelion for the solar plexis, and rose for the heart. Don’t miss this balancing summer  workshop with Naomi. She will pair a flower essence, as well as restorative and yin poses for each major chakra. In her gentle, healing way, Naomi invites you to open the chakras with [...]

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