Class Information

Bill and Andrea - Yoga
  • Please, arrive 10-15 minutes before class for registration.
  • Bring a large towel, yoga mat, and bottle of water. The studio will have some mats and towels to borrow.
  • Come well hydrated and with an empty stomach – limit eating to one hour prior to class and then only a light snack of nuts or fruit.
  • Wear light workout clothing: shorts, similar to bathing suit shorts for men and a light T shirt. Women wear fitted shorts and workout tops.
  • Please do not wear any perfumes or heavy scents.
  • Tell your instructor about injuries, special needs or concerns. You can skip postures that don’t feel right.
  • Create an intention for your practice. This may help you focus.
  • Be comfortable in class, laughter is encouraged.
  • Don’t push your body. Avoid comparing your practice to another’s. Do what you can without straining or injuring yourself.
  • Take time for reflection after the class. Take note of the calmness and the decreased stress you may feel even into the next day.

A typical class is not difficult but it is very physical. You won’t be doing any poses that only a gymnast or circus performers could do.  The unique Hot Yoga style features interesting patterns of poses that vary every class.hotyoga-203

It’s easy to catch on the the rhythm of the class.  It’s also easy to change, modify or even skip a portion of the class if you choose.  Simple verbal queuing as well as light hands on assists helps you find the optimal pose.  We are always watching for your signals and the  class is tempered or changed to meet the needs of the each group.

After warm up sequences,  the next 30 minutes will bring you onto a gathering wave hotyoga-40 (854x1280)of rising of energy.  The middle of the class is the crest of the wave, with a peak pose that has been precursored within the previous poses. The last portion of class is the warm down with deeper stretches and some final gentle movements.  Class ends with a five-minute resting pose or Savasana starting with a small cold stone that is placed on your forehead. As class finishes you receive a cool. moist orange-scented towel for your refreshment. It’s better than being at a spa!

Our Teachers

It's Bill!Bill O’Connor E-RYT-500  Bill has over 13 years of experience teaching various styles of yoga. He is a Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher with 250 hours of Anusara style yoga training, as well he is Barkan Hot Yoga Teacher Certified with 80 hours of hot vinyasa training. And in his continuing quest for knowledge has finished the RYT-500 certification with Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow. He has taken an additional 200 hours of intensive training in Astanga, Iyengar and partner yoga and enjoys teaching with passion and life’s experience. He teaches in an accessible, grounded and practical style trying to share his love of yoga to everyone.

AndreaAndrea O’Connor E- RYT 200 Andrea has practiced and taught yoga for over fourteen years. With a background of practice in Bikram and Astanga, she then went on to study and teach Anusara-Inspired yoga and pursues training in Anusara as well as other movement systems such as Gyrotonic, methods of physical therapy and dance. Andrea believes and teaches that yoga can be practiced anywhere, anytime! You can adjust your posture and physical alignment, as well as your spiritual focus and attitudes to be more comfortable and full of energy and lightness whether you are in a yoga class or standing in the grocery line.

Naomi Deyoe

Naomi is a yoga, Pilates, and ballet barre instructor with over 500 hours of training and years of teaching experience. Though she began her yoga journey with Ashtanga practice, she is primarily a vinyasa teacher. She received her yoga teaching certification from David Vendetti and Todd Skoglund but has done several advanced trainings and workshops with teachers such as Jacqui Bonwell, Schuyler Grant, Robert Boustany, Ana Forrest, Sadie Nardini, and Dharma Mittra.

Naomi’s teaching style ranges from an upbeat and energetic workout to a slow and relaxing stretch and she has taught students with all ranges of ability and athleticism: from advanced yogis, competitive athletes, and professional dancers to beginners, seniors and the differently abled.

She loves music and uses it to help inspire movement and guide the breath. During class, Naomi focuses on creative posture sequencing, safe alignment and deep core strength, but also teaches each person how to listen to their own bodies, how to work within their personal set of limitations and how to recognize and develop their strengths.

Jess's Picture

Jessica Nason Born in the year of the metal horse, Jess’s personality does not fall short of expectations–fiery, friendly, bold and full of life.  She will challenge you to push yourself physically when you can, embrace the emotions that come with asana, and shake your booty in downdog.  Challenge her with questions about your own body as she is fueled by the unique differences each body presents.  She hopes to expand her knowledge of the body as she begins her first year of the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at UVM.  Her educational goals are to improve her capacity to understand others and their abilities while cultivating self-love as often as possible.  Take away what you will from her class–maybe it is the undercurrent of first love is self love or the new song you’ll sing to yourself in the car–come feel the warmth and take some sunshine with you!


Laverne CatLaVerne Ferguson (aka Moonflower) has travelled many paths from hippie to dentistry and has now settled blissfully into Vermont, yoga and Pilates. Throughout it all she has been a yogi and completed her yoga teacher training at UVM.  For 14 years she has been teaching classical Pilates, which changed her whole perspective on body movement.  She has found that yoga and Pilates compliment each other beautifully.

Come get your dog down, your core engaged and your bliss enlightened.”



Joy Hawkfeather — 5 star Love the mindfulness of the teachers, all classes are great & the heat is amazing – it’s like going to therapy, workout & sauna all in one. March 14, 2015

Karen Tuxbury Crosby — 5 star Bill O’Connor is a gifted instructor! It is clear he has a true love for yoga. I am so grateful to have found this studio and to be a recipient of Bill’s unique and thoughtful teaching. September 24, 2014

Holly Murphy — 5 star Went to my first hot yoga class this morning! It was awesome! Bill is very kind and welcoming! The pebble and cool, orange scented towel at the end were a nice bonus. June 21, 2014

Lee Diamond — 5 star Studio has had a makeover and I LOVE this place even more! Temps are bearable. Nothing like Bikram but your body can move more fluidly in this type of heat. The heat panels are amazing. April 21, 2015

Kate Elizabeth Hillyard — 5 star This is a really nice studio and I have very much enjoyed classes with both Naomi and Bill. They are both relaxed, down to earth instructors and class is fun with a lot of personality. I very much recommend it. January 7, 2015
Danielle Horan — 5 star As a beginner, this was a great class. My favorite part was the orange cold cloth and Pebble! Thank you so much!! · over a year ago
Susan Gokey — 5 star My very first Hot Yoga class tonight. It was fabulous! Bill is kind, welcoming & knowledgeable. I really look forward to attending more! over a year ago

Jenny Tracy — 5 star Burlington Hot Yoga is fantastic. The new updated studio is amazing, equipped with solar panels that make you feel like you’re on a beach somewhere. Bill, Andrea and Naomi are all great! They offer different level classes, and are very knowledgeable on their practice. I would recommend to anyone! over a year ago

Mariko Middleton — 5 star Really enjoyed the Saturday morning session — would love to get the playlist for the class

Bettina Dold — 5 star I’m a convert after trying different yoga classes over the course of five years; Bill is an amazing teacher, creating the perfect space for one’s practice….

Kelly Wilson — 5 star Hot Yoga BTV is great! Bill is a fabulous instructor! He’s down to earth (grounded :-)) and easy to follow. Every class is different and a good workout. You learn something new each time which can only enhance your practice.

4/22/2015 Hot Yoga Burlington is wonderful! They just invested lots of time money & energy into renovations & fabulous new infrared heaters & wow they feel amazing. They really don’t make you overly hot, just warmed thoroughly in order to allow your muscles to open up for nicer deeper stretches. This studio is a diamond in the rough (Old North End Studios). I suggest you do try it! And keep going.

11/29/2014 We tried a class here while on vacation.  It was my husbands very first class.  It was great and I highly recommend this studio.  We really enjoyed the orange scented cold towels at the end and also the cool stones!  I really believe it is all in the details and it is obvious that Bill knows this too!  A++++

11/9/2014 This by far has been the best yoga studio I have been to! I have practicing here on and off for about three years. It is not only a yoga class but they teach you about yoga and the poses so you understand what you are doing and why which is an important aspect of yoga which is often times left out.

10/7/2014 Best sleep EVER. YOGA BLISS. I have tried multiple hot yoga classes; Hot Yoga Burlington is the place to be, especially if you are looking to be a part of a welcoming community with exceptional teachers. Naomi & Bill are knowledgeable & motivating 🙂 The class is judgement free, flow yoga that will work your core and put your mind at ease. I am not a yogi, but a lover of hot yoga! Runners, dancers, cross-fitters, and yoga enthusiasts (or maybe just yoga intrigued) everyone belongs here. Getting started was only $15 for 1st 2 classes. Also check out Localvore for their 5 class package 🙂 Sometimes Naomi will teach while Bill plays the acoustic guitar-LIVE MUSIC!? Yes please. Fantastic all around.

8/25/2014 Great class, and Bill is a fantastic teacher! I really like how the theme of a class is always different and is tied to a little bit of philosophy behind each exercise we do. Bill is great about walking you through the exercise and explains how to make it more challenging if one wants. But it is optimal for most levels!
Class always ends with a good meditation! And then Bill brings out orange scented cold towels, that feels so good after you broke a sweat.

8/11/2014 I was lucky enough to stop in for a few hot yoga classes with Bill while visiting family in VT. Bill is a great teacher that puts a lot of energy and thought into creating his
classes. You can tell that Bill genuinely loves yoga and teaching yoga.   His classes are great and you can make it as easy or as challenging as you wish. I was welcomed warmly and  I will definitely make this a stop again the next time I’m in town!

9/29/2014 Hot Yoga Burlington is the best place in Burlington to practice! I have practiced at other studios, Bill and Naomi; both, blow the other studios out of the water. With their openness, understanding and welcoming spirits I think Burlington Hot Yoga is good for both beginners and those who practice regularly. Bill has taught me everything I know about yoga; I was a beginner when I started. Naomi is like the icing on the cake. She is sweet and supportive. Bill and Naomi have a special place in my heart for everything they teach and offer to all of us (wannabe) yogis.

2/8/2014 Awesome studio! Bill radiates joy and light and made us feel so comfortable. My partner and I came to Burlington for the weekend and were pleasantly surprised with this studio. The flow was unique and the room was nice and hot. Bill had some really thoughtful and different touches, such as placing cool pebbles on your forehead during Savasana and organic orange scented cool towels at the end of the class. The price could not be beat, as he had a newcomer special. We will be back again! Thank you Bill! Namaste.

1/9/2014 Wonderful, small studio with terrific instruction and lots of special “extras.”  Bill’s instruction is gentle and interesting, but also challenging.  You’ll find a warm atmosphere both in the physical space AND in spirit.  GREAT way to get out of this brutal Vermont cold this winter!

12/3/2013 Great class for all levels! Bill is a wonderful and thoughtful instructor who takes great care in crafting each class. Always a unique and relaxing environment. Drop-ins and regulars are never disappointed.